Very Pinteresting…the Business Value of Pinterest

I have yet to pin anything on Pinterest, but have an account and followers that will know if I do!

Research says the majority of Pinterest users are female and tend to spend an average of 15.8 minutes per day on the site (that’s more than Facebook).

Here are some other demographics of Pinterest users:

  • 50% of Pinterest users have children
  • Pinterest’s totally unique visitors has increased more than 2,700% since May of 2011
  • The average age of a Pinterest user falls between 24 and 44

In my opinion, Pinterest is an online idea generator. According to another article I found they defined Pinterest as “A visually appealing way for users to interact with products and ideas”. If I want to find a new recipe or a decorating idea for a room in my house, there are hundreds of ideas and products for me to sift through.  The question I had was “how can and how are businesses benefiting from this tool?”

After doing a little research, I found some good information on the business benefits of Pinterest.

Businesses are not only using Pinterest for brand awareness, they are also using it to improve the way they do things.  Businesses are perusing the site looking at how others are doing things and looking for fresh ideas themselves.  Some of the other ways businesses are benefiting from the online pinboard are focus groups, integration with other social media tools, content marketing, and team communication.

To see more of the business benefits of Pinterest check out this link:

Happy Pinning!

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